Thank you for joining us in Tallinn!

The NSHG-PM 2023 workshop, "Precision Medicine: The Bridge from Research to Healthcare," organized with the Institute of Genomics at the University of Tartu, was both inspiring and edifying.

Roundtable discussion

Thank you for your participation and for your contribution to making the NSHG-PM 2023 workshop in Tallinn a great success. We hope the workshop has left you with new inspiration and a wider network of colleagues in the field of precision medicine.

This gathering was brought to life through the concerted efforts of the Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine (NSHG-PM) and the University of Tartu.

Our program was meticulously designed to foster an environment ripe with stimulating discussions aimed at propelling Nordic precision medicine forward. Furthermore, the event held a special focus on the young researchers and clinicians who are shaping the future of our scientific landscape. To this end, we introduced workshops to this year’s NSHG-PM annual meeting, addressing pivotal topics for the future of personalized medicine, including machine learning, Mendelian randomization, and PRS. We also organized a poster session, providing a platform for 27 young researchers to present their latest findings as well as giving 6 presenters the opportunity to deliver short talks to the auditorium.

We envisioned this workshop as a steppingstone towards establishing a framework that will fuel future public health, clinical care, and innovation in the Nordic region and it is our hope that we can continue to create network opportunities with fellow human geneticists, big data scientists, biobankers, epidemiologists, hospital clinicians, biomedical industry researchers, and executives. 

The NSHG-PM have already started planning the next conference in Trondheim, Norway on 10-12 September 2024, and hope to see all of you there.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committe!