Join the NSHG-PM Community!

The Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine (NSHG-PM) works with stakeholders at national, regional, and global levels to: 1) establish a Nordic framework for research into the genetics of human diseases, evolution and population history; 2) accelerate discovery of disease influencing genes; 3) translate these findings for precision medicine to improve public health; and 4) uphold and promote the highest legal, regulatory, social, and ethical standards.

The benefits of membership for you and your research include reduced registration fees at NSHG-PM conferences, symposia, and select workshops. Equally important, you are helping to support the field as NSHG-PM works to educate and advocate for human genetics and precision medicine research in academic, policy, and public education arenas.

NSHG-PM membership runs from January to December. 

All new member applicants must submit a curriculum vitae or resume, and new and renewing student members must submit documentation.

Regular membership is open to researchers, clinicians, and others working on precision medicine research, translation, infrastructure, and practice in the Nordic countries.

1-Year Membership 50,00 EUR

Trainee membership is available for advanced-degree precision medicine professionals during fellowships, as well as students working toward a post-baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree. Students must provide documentation, a letter of acceptance, or a letter from your department head of current enrollment in a degree-granting institution of higher learning.

1-Year Membership – Trainee/Student 30,00 EUR