Novo Nordisk Foundation: Grant-giving Dip Is Temporary

by Hakon Heimer

16 May 2023

After a dip in their grant giving in 2022, the Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) will resume their goal of significantly increasing research and other funding. 

"While the total amount is not as high as in 2021, we still expect to be increasing our level of grant giving in the coming years," according to a recent press release.

The largest biomedical foundation in the world (apparently by a wide margin), NNF granted 7.464 billion Danish kroner (~1 billion euros) for 695 new initiatives in 2022. 

“It requires a concerted effort to tackle the societal challenges the world is facing today. Forming partnerships with national and international actors is therefore vital, and this is something we will continue to rely on in the coming years,” said NNF CEO Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen.

Greater transparency

And if you wonder how NNF spent that money, and maybe how you can increase your odds of being funded, you can now peruse the foundation's newly launched Facts and Figures website, which NNF says provides "open access to all its grant-giving data."

NNF site
NNF grant-giving dashboard

The online interactive dashboard contains data for the Foundation’s previous as well as current grants, including data on the outputs, outcomes and societal impact of completed grants.

The data shown include the success rates for applications in open competition and the distribution of grants by age, gender and across institutions and scientific areas, among other things.

“We are thrilled to be able to make our data available to the public, to stakeholders, university researchers and all our grantees. We hope that our grant holders will see how their reporting contributes to valuable insights and that educational institutions can benefit from studying these data,” says Thomas Alslev Christensen, Senior Vice President of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s impact, analytics, data and insight department, in a press release.