New Funding for Japan-Nordic Collaborations to Advance Personalized Medicine

By Carol Morton

29 April 2020. Japandi, an interior design trend blending Japanese and Scandinavian styles, has transformed homes around the world in the last few years.

NordForskLogoOriginal_0.pngThis summer, the cultural fusion will expand to research intended to remodel the health and health care costs for aging populations in the Nordic countries and Japan, according to an April 25 pre-announcement by NordForsk. 

The call for proposals on Japan–Nordic collaborations on health data research is scheduled to open in June 2021 and close in September.

“The Nordic countries and Japan are high-performing with regard to health data research as well as improving the health of individuals by utilizing novel technology,” says the April 25 pre-announcement. “By joining forces there is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of personalized medicine for healthy longevity.”

Research partners from Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Japan can be funded up to a maximum of NOK 10 million per project, which may begin in early 2022. Researchers from other countries may participate in the projects at their own costs.