Nordic News in Brief: Latest Genomic Initiatives, Prescription Outcomes, Meetings, Jobs ...

2021 November 5. News briefs from the Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine.

This week, the 2nd biannual meeting of the Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine kicked off with the online #COVID19Nordic workshop: Research response, preliminary lessons across countries, & next steps. Next week, two days of research updates from six countries #NSHGPM21 8-9 November. Register: 2021 NSHG-PM General Conference.





Nature Partner Journals | Digital Medicine: Going from Big Data to N=1

Since 1995, all prescriptions redeemed in Denmark have been registered in the Danish National Prescription Registry. It holds data on 1.1 billion prescriptions for 7.2 million people. A recent paper aimed to bring the power of the real-life data to bear on treatment decisions and guidelines for individual patients, using hypertension as a model.

Looking at nine million prescription trajectories of people who took hypertension drugs, researchers saw four groups with strikingly different survival curves. The study provides a new model to supplement disease registry data from hospitals, indications from general practitioners and dispensed prescriptions. Such studies may help doctors identify optimal sequences and avoid futile prescriptions.

The project was a collaboration between research teams headed by Søren Brunak and Laust Hvas Mortensen. The Italian Association of Medicine and Systemic Health (ASSIMSS) posted a Facebook writeup on the paper.


Stay Up to Date on Nordic Research

The NSHG-PM generates and curates a biweekly list of papers from members of the community and other Nordic researchers in human genetics and precision medicine.



Novo Nordisk Foundation Contemplates the Future …

… the future of precision medicine, that is. The two-day online Novo Nordisk Foundation conference on 22-23 November 2021—not surprising, given that the foundation funds flow from profits from diabetes medications of the Novo Nordisk company. More importantly, diabetes is being used as an example for wider discussion about precision medicine. Among the speakers are NSHG-PM officers Kári Stefánsson of deCODE genetics and Søren Brunak of the University of Copenhagen.


Europe Biobank Week 2021

Simultaneous with the Nordic-focused #NSHGPM21 meeting, #EBW21 will gather the global biobanking community online 8-10 November. Included on the program are sessions on vaccine development, academic and industry collaboration, sustainability, incidental findings, and biobank challenges.



NordForsk will launch three new calls for proposals on sustainable agriculture, future working life and societal security beyond COVID-19. As of March 2021, the bulk of the funding in Nordic countries for COVID-19 research has targeted medical research, and Sweden has been the largest funder, according to an earlier report from NordForsk.







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Thanks for reading. This news and events roundup was written by Carol Cruzan Morton.

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