NSHG-PM Seeds Research Networks

The Nordic countries have a long tradition of collaboration and ground-breaking research, not least in genetics, epidemiology, and the growing field of precision (personalised) medicine. These longstanding relationships can be harnessed to make further discoveries about common diseases from massive multimodal datasets.

With this in mind, members of the Society are establishing Nordic Research Networks for Precision Medicine within disease areas and other domains. These independent, informal networks encourage greater collaboration across borders and across a range of activities, including:

  • Developing workshops and conference symposia
  • Addressing key issues in data infrastructure, ELSI, and national, Nordic, EU, and global policy
  • Catalysing the formation of research consortia 

If you are active in one of these research areas and would like to contribute and collaborate, contact the appropriate researcher via our Contact Us form. The Nordic networks' activities and organization will be determined solely by their members. The Society's aim is to collaborate with them to further our mutual goals.